Flight317 is an experience consisting of an installation and an ongoing performance.

Even though we think we know how and where thoughts come from, we cannot trace the spark of an idea or follow consciously the electrical impulse that our nervous system sends to move the right arm up. This whole work explores the thin line of what we know and what we think we know. It explores the journey we embark on until the moment of ''Eureka!''; the relationship between the mystery and the obvious that lies in transcendence and/or in everyone's head.

There are four voices and each performer is placed in one of the four corners of the rectangular room. They stand facing the wall and they speak arbitrarily without having a predetermined scheme. The only rule the performers have to follow is that there must be maximum three voices overlaying each other, never all four at the same time. Their quest is to seek harmony within their communication by actively listening to each other.

Before entering the space the guests were given two small flashlights that they had to share or choose to follow the choices someone else made in pointing the light in their desired direction.

You can listen to the reconstruction of the performance here.

Performers: Bo Wielders, Catelijne Boele, Ryan Lim Zi Yi and Yota Karas

The title is referencing to a song of an artist I very much respect and appreciate
(070 Shake - Flight319)